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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 22, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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? ? ? ? ? ? f0 the national guard rolls into charlotte, north carolina as demonstrations turn violent after the police shooting of a black man. the state now under a state of emergency. and this morning, we are hearing from the governor of north carolina as well as the city of sarasota is shedding new light on a heroin epidemic in our area. police are giving news channel 8 some shocking numbers regarding use of the drug. and with a month the to go before the regular season, the nba is coming up with a plan just in case players wish to protest during the national anthem. thousand wnba is already seeing that. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. we are going to go straight to leigh spann for the latest on your weather today.
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look that the. when you look at the loews don cesar over the gulf of mexico, it's like glass at this point. 87degrees, a perfect summer day on the beach except for the last 40 minute, the it's no longer been summer. we are officially in fall. it began at 10:21. the average high today is still 88 degrees. i know what you want to know is when is it going to cool down? look at this, november 1st, average of 81. break out the sweaters for high of 75. even though the average is 88, we will be hotter by the afternoon, 90 degrees. not many storms developing so fall begins and summer heat continues. the rain chance today, tomorrow and saturday just 20%. out in the to bics, two systems -- tropic, two systems out there. but both should stay in the open waters of the atlantic. a 20% rain chance today, tomorrow and saturday and 30% sunday and monday. >> thank you.
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can only be described as chaos. protests over the officer involved shooting death of keith scott spiraled into riots with violence against police officers and massive property damage. and now the national guard has rolled in to restore and maintain order. four police officers were hurt in the second night of protests. things turned violent, a shooting between civilians ended with one on life support. flash bangs and tear gas did not seem to rioters. charlotte's chief of police spoke less than half an hour ago about the violence. >> overall, we had two officers who have eye injuries that were minor. and three were treated for heat related issues. we had a total of nine civilians according to medics that were injured in this incident as well. we made a total of 44 arrests. charges range from failure to
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and entering. >> the situation is so bad, facebook activated its safety check-in feature for charlotte this morning. tonight, the city is hoping for more calm now that the national guard has been activated. and the chaos in charlotte is the latest following the shooting of black men by police officers. this summer alone at least three police shootings all caught on camera launched high profile investigations across the country and people continue demanding answers. >> reporter: police rnd tulsa, oklahoma. the shooting captured by police helicopter video. >> that looks like a bad dude, too. >> reporter: we see crutcher walking with his hands up in the air. and then an officer opens fire, reportedly after thinking crutcher was reaching for a weapon. none was found at the scene. >> shots fired. >> reporter: on july 6th, a man shot in minnesota. his death captured on a facebook live stream.
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it. >> reporter: his girlfriend shot the video. she claims he told the officer he had a gun and was reaching for identification when the officer fired. a child also in the car at the time. the officer involved is currently on leave. it happened just a day before alton sterling was shot outside a baton rouge, louisiana, convenience store. a witness capturing this shooting on video as well. the owner claims he wasn't holding a gun but says he saw officers mo pocket after the shooting. the officer is also on leave. >> and again, the shootings just the ones from this summer but the list goes on and on, they have sparked protests nationwide and the protests continue now in charlotte, north carolina. and the sarasota police department is pleading with the public to help stop the heroin crisis there. the city is seeing a sharp spike in the number of overdoses and now they are finding more cases of drugs
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sarasota area with the story we first broke on monday. hi, john. >> reporter: good morning, stacie. now this problem is only getting worse. in fact, right before today's press conference, they had to release new figures because another person overdose thed this morning. the police department said -- overdosed this morning. the police department said eight people have died since july. heroin use has more than doubled in the past decade and they are locally of elephant tranquilizer in the drugs. it can be deadly if consumed and many users don't realize they're taking it. >> this is a community effort. so divided we're going to fail at this. and united we have a chance. please, if you're not involved in the conversation, get involved in the conversation because the police department can't do it alone. >> reporter: now please contact the police department if you know someone that needs help. there are resources in the
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addicts the help that they need. and we want to point out that tonight at 5:00, the community foundation, there's going to be a community forum to discuss this important issue. >> a sad and scary situation. i hope people heed that call. thank you, john. and happening today, governor rick scott is in the bay area for a very important announcement. the governor very proudly telling us the cancer center has been awarded the national cancer institute's highest designation comprehensive cancer center. only institutes in the united states have that designation. it means they are one of the most elite cancer treatment centers in the country. st. pete city leaders will discuss the city's sewage scandal. more than 150 million-gallons of raw sewage was dumped into tampa bay after hurricane hermine. governor rick scott ordered the state's department of environmental protection to get involved. so far, two city administers have been suspended.
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plant. some councilmembers say there's a possibility that the nightmare could have been prevented if the city council voted to keep the plant open years ago. and our 8 on your side investigation into the crater cover-up is proving bigger than first thought. a sinkhole dumped contaminated water into the florida aquifer which feeds into wells and ground water throughout the area. and now hillsborough county commissioners say that the company and department of environmental protection failed to tell them about the spill. the commission learned of the contamination by watching us here on 8 on your side. county leaders say they have no idea why they weren't informed. >> that's a call for dep -- a question for dep to answer. it's always helpful to know rather than not to know. had it been in hillsborough county, i assure you that the response would have been different.
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dumped into the aquifer as, quote, nasty. and he says local wells will need to be tested for years to come. if you notice a different smell, taste or color to your water, don't drink it. call to get it tested. new this morning, the national anthem controversy first sparked by san francisco 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick is bleeding over now into other sports, specifically basketball. last night, members of the wnba's indiana fever kneeled during the playing took on the phoenix mercury in the play-offs. the head coach told them she was proud of them for doing it spot that it's bigger than basketball. as for the men in the nba, both the association and the player's union met to discuss how to handle such possible protests. that according to espn. those two sides reportedly agreed to work together to come up with a plan. right now, it's actually against nba rules to do
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national anthem. the players are fined if they break the rule. we will see what the commissioner, if he makes any changes before the season tips off next month. >> we will be watching. and an important 8 on your side recall. you may want to check your freezer right now. blue bell creamery issued a voluntary recall over fears of listeria. select flavors are being recalled after finding chocolate cock key dough from a third party supplier could have been contaminated. the ice cream was sold in 10 states including florida. it can be identified by the date on the bottom of the carton the. we have more information at go on there and check it out. seem to keep having problems. coming up, the nation's top military leaders will face congress. >> the issue on the table is syria and now five years into a civil war. the u.s. senate armed services committee wants to know why more is not being done. plus, we are looking to
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money at the pump? 8 on your side will show you
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we are back. and you may have heard that today is the first day of fall. leigh is dressed for the occasion. >> i couldn't be more ready for it. >> today is the operate the famous creations, the hobbits -- we celebrate the famous creation, the hobbits. >> either read the hobbit for the first time or again. and watch movies. there are true hobbit fanways as well. >> that's for beginners. real fans are walking around barefoot today because hobbits don't wear shoes. you may have known that? or go on an adventure. maybe visit a national park, go
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for that even though it is fall. find something to do today. >> and here's how i know i was a hobbit many a previous life, the best way is to eat a second breakfast and today drink some ale. >> so you don't have hobbit feet? >> i'm not thinking it's the best idea. >> just have an adventure. it's really a beautiful day. we know it's fall. and kn the feel like it for quite some time. great day to get out and enjoy. not even a cloud in the sky from lakewood ranch where it's 86 degrees. and veterans ford in tampa, over the veterans expressway, a few more clouds have started to develop. it's dry, 84 degrees. a look at the golf and spa resort, 87. and yeah, someone playing golf, enjoying the beautiful day and celebrating the hobbits.
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and what does that mean? the equinox happened this morning at 10:21. that's when the sun's direct rays were right over the equator and there's the same amount of daylight and nighttime hours. it will set at 7:26. and during that time, we should see a lot of sunshine. 87degrees. feeling warm at lunchtime. 90 at 4:00 p.m. just a 20% rain chance. most of us will stay dry all day the. and even the storms that do develop will end by 00 plant city, feeling the heat, 86 degrees. 87 in tampa. 88 in sebring. and 86 in brooksville. the reason i'm lower the rain chance, there's still plenty of humidity at the surface. that's why it's been a muggier morning but way up in the atmosphere, less amounts of rain. less amount of moisture and we rely on the upper-level moisture to the produce the heavy rain. and so this afternoon, look at this, 2:00, barely any storms now. of course, it's hot because we don't get the cooling effect
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p.m. look at this, not a lot of rainout there. and it will continue through 7:00, 8:00. and everything clears out. tomorrow morning should be similar, a bright, sunny start to the day and only the 20% chance of afternoon storms. out into the tropics where we have tropical depression karl and tropical storm lisa. but both should stay away from the u.s. coastline. that's good news. and locally, 20% rain chances through saturday. 30% for sunday, monday and tuesday. stacie and gene -- the >> thank you. happening no country's top military officials are getting grilled on capitol hill. over america's role in the syrian civil war. the defense secretary and chairman of the joints chiefs of staff are testifying right now before the senate arms services committee. the hearing is nearing the two- hour mark. it started at 9:30 this morning. and the hearing comes after the latest attempt to secure a ceasefire in syria all but collapsed. the gop-led committee wants to
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and why they're not being implemented as the war in syria nears the six-year mark. and the ceasefire was the brain child of a u.s. and russian partnership to get aid delivered to civilians. but a convoy was bombed this week and the u.s. is blaming russia. what's more, the u.s. is calling out russia during the united nations general assembly and it's likely to continue today. secretary of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister are set to today's meeting of the international syria support group. and across america, investigators of this past week's new york city and new jersey bombings are looking for two men who took a suitcase they found on a city street. take a look. detectives believe these guys didn't realize the wired pressure cooker they removed from the suitcase and then left behind could have blown them to bits. police stress they're looking for the men as potential witnesses, not as suspects.
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flash floods in parts of virginia. look at this. it left homes flooded, streets flooded and cars stranded there. the tide water region of the state was drenched with 3 to 4 inches of rain over two days and as much as 10 inches of rain in south virginia beach. in norfolk, the rain and flash flooding made the morning commute tough for many. by midday, the water began to recede but areas were still the flooding left many drivers stranded and caused delays. good news for united launch alliance and the air force base in california. the canon fire which has burned more than 12,000-acres is now 70% contained and as you can see from this picture, the fire got very close to the base's launch pad. united launch alliance and spacex use the pad to send their rockets to space and the international space station. but thanks to the more than
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now getting under control. monday's ula launch is on schedule. in an 8 on your side alert, drivers waste billions of dollars a year paying for premium gas when the regular kind might do just as as well. >> yeah, sometimes you don't need to pay for that according to aaa. meredyth censullo is here to set the record straight. >> reporter: some cars require premium. most don't. a lot of people will use premium thinking their cars will run better but there's something better you ca that will save you money. putting premium gas in a car that calls for regular is siphoning money out of your bank account. >> more than 16 million people admit to using a higher octane gasoline. and in the past year, those americans have spent more than $2 billion. >> reporter: the majority of cars sold today are designed to run on regular. researchers tested regular and premium gas in three popular models designed for regular and
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performance, fuel economy, or emissions. now what about people who occasionally put premium in the tank thinking they're giving their car a bit of pampering? >> some people think, maybe i'm taking the vehicle for a treat. but we found that it really has no benefits what so far. >> reporter: you really want to treat your car, go ahead and get the regular gas but fill up at a station that has top tier gas. top the tier is proven to leave less residue on the engine your engine will perform better. top the tier has detergents in it that keep the engine cleaner. a separate study from aaa shows the gunk that can build up on engine components when non-top tier gas is used consistently. the result, cheap gas leaves more in your pocket in the short-term but could cost you in the long-term. a list of the stations that sell top the tier gas is on our
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major gas stations. >> all right. good to know. one of florida's most famous musicians is using his celebrity to further one of his passions. >> what pitbull is up to out west. plus, every day we get closer to the release of the next "star wars" movie. my daughter can't wait. but disney's ceo is trying to lower expectations.
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you usually see pitbull, the the rapper, in music videos with flashy clothes and cars and dancers, usually in miami. but pitbull was just spotted at a charter school near las vegas. he was there for the grand opening of his school slam. it stands for sports, leadership and management. he has already got a campus in miami.
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all right? this is the second slam school in the united states of america. i want you to own that. i want you to understand how powerful this is going to be, not only in the united states of america but also around the world. >> the school is looking to change up how students are taught in the classroom. well the sequel to the hit robin williams' flick is now in production and one of the stars posted the first image of and it it's getting quite the discussion on social media. the movie stars dwayne johnson and jack black but you can see, one is dressed differently than her male costars. and this has some people angry calling it sexism. that being said, in a facebook post, johnson explained that the character, her wardrobe makes sense in the context of the film. so i guess we will find out more when it hits theaters next july. >> all right. studio chiefs usually pump up the big movies before they
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a star wars story in december but the head of disney is playing down expectations. according to variety, the ceo told investors he doesn't expect the first stand alone movie in the series to match the box office of last year's the the force awakens which was huge, that one grossed more than $2 billion worldwide. may not match that but people will still watch it. >> i know your daughter will. >> she will. i wouldn't doubt if it breaks records no matter what. coming up, with two straight nights of unrest in charlotte, many are turning to this year's presidential candidates for comments. >> how hillary rodham clinton and donald trump are reacting on the campaign trail. plus, continuing our stories of success leading up to this year's heart walk. meet two bank tellers being
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two nights of violence in charlotte has forced north carolina's governor to call in the national guard. the two people running for president have something to say about the protests and riots. that's straight ahead. the ceo of the maker of the epipen got hammered in washington, d.c. her company's and frustration from the house overnight committee but not as much anger as her comments. and an amazing story of two bank tellers saving the life of one of their regular customers. it's our latest in a series of incredible stories as we lead up to this year's heart walk. good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. let's check in with leigh spann and see what the first day of fall is looking like. >> looks a lot like summer. in fact, it's going to look
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weeks. lakeland auto mall camera. looking over the streets there, the clouds are beginning to build but not a lot of moisture to work with. so we won't see a lot of rain coming from them. 88degrees, it is hot. i know what you want to know, now that it's fall, when is it going to cool off? well, the day when we see the first low temperature drop below, 60, and if you're like me, below 60 and you have the boots and scarf on, the average first day for that is october 17th. but the la occurred is november 15th. so almost two months from now. so, yeah, we have some time to wait. dry air is trying to force its way down the peninsula of florida but it's in the upper- levels of the atmosphere. that's why it still feels humid. i do expect it to be hot, 90 degrees. of course that's above the average of 88. rain chances just 20% today, tomorrow and saturday. going up to 30% sunday and
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rodham clinton and donald trump weighing in on the protests in charlotte. tracie potts has the story plus where the candidates are today. >> reporter: presidential candidates are reacting to the violence in north carolina, a battleground state in the police shooting of an unarmed man in tulsa, oklahoma. >> it's unbearable. and it needs to become intolerable. >> reporter: donald trump at the fox town hall says to stop inner city crime -- >> i >> reporter: democrats point out that a federal court declared it unconstitutional. trump argues that democrats have turned their backs on black voters. >> they look for the votes of the people living in the inner cities and then say, we will see you later in four years. >> reporter: trump's down seven points among likely voters. clinton's team says she's practicing which trump will
11:33 am
hitting trump on not releasing his taxes yet. >> you think there's almost like something wrong. what's wrong? >> reporter: er and using charity money to pay off legal settlements. >> there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. >> reporter: and trump is aligning himself with ted cruz, backing cruz's push to extend government authority over the internet. tracie, pots, washington, d .c. -- tracie potts, d.c. the agency is already looking into pay to play allegations against the clinton foundation. and youtube is encouraging everyone to register to vote. they launched a vote campaign #voteirl. they are targeting young voters. it explains how easy and quick it is to register and how important it is to get out the vote instead of just talking
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all right, let's talk about space for a minute here. no turning back. the u.s. is committed to putting humans on mars in the next 15 years and florida's own senators seem to be leading the way. >> we are going to mars. we're going to mars in the decade of the 2030s with humans. and the bill sets the goal of the colonization of other worlds. >> i think this bill lays out the blueprint for the next the resources that needs to advance the nation's space program. >> a bill sponsored by senator bill nelson would give nasa $19.5 billion starting october 1st. and you heard nelson say, this thunder sleet is to colonize other worlds. it calls for a human settlement on the red planet. and he is hopeful the bipartisan support the bill received will continue as the senate begins work on a comprehensive multi-year blueprint for the agency next
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morning, a u.s. military aircraft crashed off a japanese island. pilot did eject safely and was rescued quickly. the aircraft was assigned to the base in japan. the cause is under investigation. and the name of the pilot is not being released at this time. how is this for a reality show? political candidates in a fistfight on tv. it happened in georgia. the country, not the state. candes the democratic movement and the industrial block started to insult each other on air and then you see that quickly escalated. a physical fight is what happened. the political climate heating up in georgia, the country, just days ahead of the october 8th elections. and you have probably heard that art comes in all shapes and sizes. well, an art exhibit touring the world right now showcasing sculptures of superheroes built from legos. it's called the art of the
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now in madrid spain. it includes more than 120 original works created exclusively from lego bricks and depicts stories and characters from the comics. through the blocks, the artist says it's inspired countless children to discover the artist within themselves. that opens tomorrow. well the ceo of the company behind epipens gets an earful on capitol hill. we told you about the price of epipens over the past nine years and now members of congress are showing their di pharmaceutical company. >> the greed is atowning. it's sickening. it's disgusting. >> raised the prices to get filthy rich at the expense of our constituents. >> the you want to come into washington, to the state -- >> the ceo tried to defend the price increase from less than
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nine years. epipens deliver an emergency dose of medication when people suffer dangerous allergic reactions. >> i've heard numerous stories of people who have actually chose on the go without an injector at all because they simply couldn't afford one. >> now the company does plan on selling a generic version for $300. the company says they offer a $300 savings card for patients who have a difficult time paying the full price of the epipens. someone in the united states suffers a stroke every 40 seconds. a stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted and acting fast when a stroke is occurring is key. thanks to two bank tellers in tarpon springs, one of their customers lived to tell about her stroke. >> i noticed by her demeanor, something wasn't right. she didn't look 100%. i asked, are you feeling okay today? the bank teller is talking
11:38 am
this region's branch in tarpon spring ises. back in june, she came through the drive the through to cash a check and she noticed something wasn't right. >> he was mumbling a little bit. i had a hard time understanding her. >> she called her friend and head teller over to get her opinion. >> i saw what she was seeing, the drooping of the face, and she was slurring her words and seem veried very confused. >> but she was being a tad strn come inside and the bank to get a drink of water and cool down. >> i was wondering what they were, you know, what they were doing, why. that's all. >> so she went to stall her while the second dialed for help. >> i ran outside because i didn't want her to take off and go anywhere. >> i call 911. and after i got off the phone with them, they told me not to give her any water or food. make sure that she stayed here. >> she kept saying she felt fine.
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>> and then sure enough, the ambulance came. and they confirmed with us that she was having a stroke for sure. >> all i remember was that they took the keys, whoever sat in the car, took the keys and said they were going to lock it up. and then i just informs the ambulance. >> and thankfully for her, these two acted on instincts and called for help fast. florence is suffering no after-f is she grateful. >> they're my angels. i wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them. >> the american heart association honored them with stroke hero awards and she still gets choked up when thinking back to that day in june. >> you never know. and when customer is arguing with you, i'm fine, i'm fine. what is the drawing point? okay, you need to be here. >> from frightened then to fantastic now, florence just
11:40 am
>> thank you. >> and you're going to be a regions customer for life, i imagine, right? >> well, until the money runs out, yeah. >> she's a character. we're grad she's great. >> she's doing okay. >> yeah, the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner and we walk every year because of stories like those. and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 or more again this year. but we need your help. fuccillo kia is matching the first $50,000 that we rais really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to the to donate and join our team. you said you were signing up too. >> i am signing up. yeah, i'm going to. >> yep. you were there last year. it's a good time. >> yeah, thank god for the tellers. acted so quickly. and they fought with her a little bit, no, you're not okay. >> florence admits she's stubborn. >> well, florence, next time, just listen to them.
11:41 am
parents, you know they can sometimes be tough to figure out. >> we know how to help. >> we are talking about mistakes when using and installing car seat. and the match making app tinder is using a new formula to help you find your perfect mate and it does sound like a good idea. that's next on news channel 8
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we are back. when it comes to sharing things things are as important as music. ? let's get it on ? >> goodness. in a new relationship, it's an instant talking point, can provide an easy connection to someone. >> so it's no bond their the app tinder is now going to -- no wonder that the app tinder is now swiping right on spotify. tinder user can now share a personal an them to on the profiles and swipe to see who
11:45 am
previews of other people's top songs on tinder with or without a spotify account. and then when you go on the first real live date, you won't be fighting over the station in the car. >> on the same music page. >> when my husband and i were just starring to date, we hated each other's music. >> what did you like and what did he like? >> he liked pop music. >> -- >> this was more than a decade ago. >> have your taste merged? on the hot side from brandon where it's 86 degrees. plantation and crystal river, also a beautiful start. look how clear the water is, how calm. 87degrees. 54% humidity. it's been a lot more humid. and it's still steamy out there but this is not the oppressive
11:46 am
and august. it's nice at the hula bay restaurant in tampa too where it's already 90 degrees. feels warm. a few clouds, 87 degrees at 1:00 p.m. 90 at 4:00. and a 20% rain chance between 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. 85degrees. the rain coming to an end. and it's 84 in clearwater. 89 in sarasota. and 86 in zephyrhills. and plenty of humidity. and i know i keep talking about the drier air, it's way up in the atmosphere. it feels like -- so plenty hot. and now i'm going to talk about the drier air some more. it's not the humidity, it's the upper-level dry air. and notice over the next 24 hour, this blue and red color, that's the drier air. that's the reason why i'm going to keep the rain chances so small between now and saturday. and by sunday, the higher humidity begins to creep back to the north. watch the forecast as we go
11:47 am
so around 1:30, yeah, a spotty shower or two. and then most of the rain between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., mostly east of 75. and even then, very small rain chances. very isolated around the area. here's the latest information on tropical depression karl. it may become a tropical storm as it moves away from the u.s. coastline. and then tropical storm lisa. which should actually fizzle out and that too moving away from the u.s. today's first day of fall with a high of 90. 90 on and saturday. and without the rain, we get warmer than average. and next week, rain chances go up slightly, 30% the first part of the week and 40% near the end. that's my taste of fall weather. not going to talk about my taste in music. >> i was think heavy metal. in an 8 on your side report, it's something parents
11:48 am
seats. >> but if you don't know how to use the car seat correctly, you could put your kid's life in danger. news channel 8's mary mcguire has more on what parents need to know before hitting the road with their kids. >> reporter: car seats are meant to keep kids safe but your kids could be in danger if not installed properly. >> i use a booster seat and regular car seat and keeps them safe. >> reporter: car seats are a necessity for this father of two, especially when he is out driving on busy florida roads. >> way i drive and watch the way everyone else drives. >> reporter: this morning safe kids florida sun coast supported by all children's hospital and fire-rescue hosted a national certification training course. using car seats correctly can prevent car crash related injuries by up to 71%. a lot of parents make mistakes when installing the seats and strapping the kids in. >> parents are often concerned
11:49 am
and they keep the harnesses too loose. so they can perform an easy pinch test. if they can pinch fabric, the harness is too loose. >> reporter: er and safety experts see parents getting rid of car seats before the child is ready. >> parents try to graduate too early into the booster seat. they have to look at the minimum weight and age is 4 and 40. >> reporter: just like anything plastic, car seats don't last forever so check the expiration date. if you purchase a booster seat, experts recommend registering that product immediately with the company so you are notice if id of any product recalls. mary mcguire, news channel 8. >> and the national traffic safety administration has a tool for you to find a car seat inspection station in the area. we put a link to that on our website at a consumer watch this morning, yahoo is expected to
11:50 am
it exposed 200 million user accounts. this summer yahoo said they were investigating an incident in which hackers claims to have accessed user name, passwords and personal information and selling them online. it could implicate the nearly $5 billion sell of the core business to the verizon. there's a snag in cvs's plan for curb-side pick-up. it online and pick them up curb side in an hour. so many people tried to use the app during a soft launch that the orders became backloggedmented sounds convenient until everybody is doing it at the same time. >> we had a grocery store where you could drive through and pick up your groceries. very nice. we will be back with more
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some breaking news. deputies have made an arrest in the murder of a 95-year-old highlands county man. here she is, a 35-year-old lace heflin. originally authorities had her in custody for questioning, not charging her but now they are learning she is officially charged in the murder. deputies say she had cocaine and a stolen wallet when they caught up with her. and more breaking news. a live look here hd. this is over i-75 right near the rest area at mile marker 277. florida highway patrol tells us one lane southbound is closed right now. apparently a border patrol agent tried making a traffic stop there but several of the suspects ran from the vehicle. one was actually hit as he ran away. it's not known right now how long the closure will last. but again, one lane southbound 75 near mile marker 277 shut down right now.
11:55 am
headed that way. and look for updates in the later newscasts and on and on a lighter note, do you love ice cream? >> i do. >> today is the day then. >> national ice cream cone day. not in a cup. no one can say for sure who invented the ice cream cone but they show up in french cook books from 1825. and they were originally referred to as little waffles because that's what they are, rolled up in the shape of a cone. the ice cream cone as we know it today made the debut at the 1904. the inventor then sold his company in 1924. and they still make the cones today. and we just sit back and enjoy them. cake cone verses waffle cone, whatever -- >> all good. >> has the little crunch. >> they're all good. if i have ice cream, it's in a cone. >> just get extra napkins. that is true. this is a look from the
11:56 am
that dew point is 77. and that's pretty steamy. let me tell you. i keep talking about the dry air but that's way up in the atmosphere. down here, it's hot and humid. only a few isolated storms develop. and that's one of the reasons why i'm expecting such a hot day today at 90 degrees despite the fact that fall has begun. similar conditions for friday and saturday 90 degrees, 20% rain chances. next week, the rain chances go up. and notice how the overnight lows will have lower humidity here at the surface even though we will have higher rain chances. >> a little bit of a break from the humidity and the rain. even short lived. we will take it. thank you for joining us. >> i'll see you back here
11:57 am
introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
11:59 am
12:00 pm
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio >> some days we wonder how we get on the air. happy happy thirsty thursday, everybody. thanks for being with us. it's september 22 n. happy first day of fall. which hoda didn't get the memo. which makes me so proud her. if you don't have one, i'm going to give you one. >> what? >> hoda no rules copy.


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